Sunday, May 10, 2015

Birthday: Chris Berman (born 1955)

You have to hand it to ESPN's Chris Berman, who turns 60 today: not only does he have an entire category of phraseology named after him -- "Bermanisms" (Bert "Be Home" Blyleven, Mike "Nova" Scioscia, Jose "Can You See" Canseco) -- but he is also responsible for the now immortal pick-up line "You're with me, leather," which he does not deny using, but whose notoriety clearly annoys him. The master of catch-phrases, hoist by a catch-phrase he never intended for circulation! Something karmic about that.

"Separated at Birth" Department: Is it me, or are Berman and Mike Huckabee looking more alike by the minute? In the face and in the waist.

Chrisnames: An Illustrated Guide to Chris Berman's Unique Characterizations of Sports Personalities

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