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For most bloggers, there is not an obvious and palatable way to realize any money from their blogging efforts. That's certainly true for me.

I despise ads and won't carry them. I tried the Amazon Associate route, but never liked it or saw any actual benefit from it, so I'm abandoning that program. "Tip jars" can be added to blogs, and I've considered it, but no - I can't overcome the feeling of tackiness. While I like buskers, I could never be one.

It should go without saying that I don't accept money from writers or film-makers whose works I review, but I will say it because these days, plenty of lowlifes offer positive reviews for a fee. It's pretty obvious when you read them, too.

However, this blog is not my only outlet. I do plenty of paid freelance writing, and I'm happy to have opportunities steered my way. So if you like what you read here, don't hesitate to contact me about such possibilities.

I do un-bylined writing for businesses and websites through various gigs I have posted at Fiverr (I can also put together custom offers there). Here is my Fiverr profile page (under my "real" name, Mark R. Harris):


I am naturally also interested in paid, bylined writing opportunities that fall within my areas of interest. For those, you can contact me directly at:


Thanks for your interest in my writing!

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