Sunday, April 26, 2015

Menswear Moment: Dawn Powell

He sat down and kicked his shoes off. They lay on the floor jauntily toeing out, reddish-brown, sleek, very much Jay Oliver. He crossed his stockinged feet on the seat opposite, and viewed them complacently, marked the neat way the crimson clocks in the gray hose matched the herring-bone stripe in his blue suit.

"Paid four fifty for these socks," he stated briefly. 

Lou took his suit coat off and hung it in the closet...He undid his collar - he wore a separate white with his new imported colored shirts - hung up the tie, a Sulka clover-leaf pattern, over the hanger, then sat down beside Jay's feet.

"Some shirt there, Lou," said Jay. "What'd it set you back?"

"Eighteen bucks," said Lou. "I swore I'd never wear a pink shirt but it was the goods that got me. Feel that material." - Dawn Powell, Angels on Toast (1940)

This exchange occurs on the very first page of the novel, which I then immediately knew that I would like.

Angels on Toast

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