Friday, April 3, 2015

YouTubing: Kiss My Baadasssss: Ice-T's Guide to Blaxploitation

This is terrific, like watching Martin Scorsese on American or Italian cinema! It dates from 1994, was made in Great Britain (natch), and I had no idea it existed until it was flagged by the invaluable blog Dangerous Minds.

Film historian Donald Bogle is very funny: "The black man has a penis, and he's going to use it!"

The section on Rudy Ray Moore is priceless. Moore rightly asserts the value of his own work: "I call my humor 'ghetto expressions' and a form of art."

Great to see footage of the writer and former pimp Iceberg Slim (which must have been captured earlier, as he died in 1992). He is hardly enlightened on the subject of women, but his descriptions of the pimp game are quite amusing. It is too bad that more of the Seventies blaxploitation films were not based on the works of ghetto novelists. There was one Iceberg Slim adaptation, the excellent Trick Baby (1972), but no films based on the work of the prolific Donald Goines (1938-1974, a murder victim) until 2003.

Trick Baby (Soul Showcase)

Trick Baby (Iceberg Slim)

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