Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Pinterest Board

Activity here at Book 'em, Danno! has slowed to a crawl since I gave up reviewing, although a little new content may appear now and then. In the meantime, though, I have started a new Pinterest board called "General Interest" where I collect all my gleanings from the web (as I used to do at my old blog, Patrick Murtha's Diary - I'll probably eventually port a good deal of that legacy material over to Pinterest). I'm like the European Jay pictured above, gathering my acorns.

I realize, of course, that Pinterest boards are traditionally very subject-specific, so I fly in the face of that expectation by creating such a heterogeneous assemblage. But it can't be helped; it's my way. I have never been able to pin myself down to one subject, and never will. I appreciate the efforts of those who can do that, and rely a lot on their blogs and websites for material - but my own viewfinder is necessarily wide-lens.

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